Pardon my perspective on moonshine, it’s not popular I know.  When the moon is full and the night birds wing their way through Orion’s tethered bow, Mamas say, “Hush!  SSsssh!  Don’t say a word!”  heads bowed against the night, quiet rockabyes escape narrowed lips, and tongue wagging takes a backseat to eyes sagging, hearts beating a snails pace.

Well! Night wears a different shade in my house!  Like a drunken rooster, I crow in the moonshine and ask Orion out to tea.  My loose garments catch on thorny business in my haste to feel the night lawn underneath my feet.  Did you know night crawlers love moonshine?  They do!  I can tell you they’re not as fond of dancing feet, grumpy worms!

Don’t “Hush Hush!”  Night is the best time of day for shouting!  Toss your voice at the moon and watch it ricochet around the world and back in hypersonic speed, blazing by bright Martian mountains and brokering for Saturn’s gilded rings.

Come and leap from your cozy bed and shout your visions from the center of the Milky Way!  When you do sleep at least, you will dream long and deep in the throes of life well lived, stinking of moonshine, and waking with more life inside you than you ever dreamed possible.

Ride the night and stamp your passport in stardust inked with nightshade; and grind meteor dust form the corner of your tourmaline eye.

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